Mar 7, 2025

The Dead South

The Dead South

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Due to Swedish law regulations, bags are completely banned at this event.

Once again, we get to experience magic as the Canadian folk band The Dead South returns to Sweden to take over Fållan and Pustervik! The Dead South fully embraces their own unique style. It doesn't really matter what you call their music - progressive bluegrass, alternative Americana, country, folk, or western - what matters is that it's their music, and regardless of belief, experiences, language, or age, we love it.

Their debut album "Good Company" was built on simple, acoustic foundations: guitar, cello, banjo, bass drum, mandolin, and Nate Hill's fantastic voice. It was folk music, with hints of bluegrass and alternative country, that grabbed you immediately. But it doesn't stop there. The band isn't afraid to push boundaries, and already on their follow-up "Illusion & Doubt," they began to incorporate punk and rock elements to broaden their sound even further.

But it doesn't end there. The band continues to climb towards the top with their new album "Chains & Stakes" from February 2024. Last time they visited us in 2022, tickets sold out rapidly, delivering nothing short of magic on stage. Now, it's time again. If you want to secure a spot in the audience this time around, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready!

The concert is organized by FKP Scorpio.


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