Nov 15, 2024

Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington

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Unfortunately, it's not common these days for jazz musicians to become beloved by the masses, but if you're looking for an example, you'll find an excellent one in Kamasi Washington. The bandleader, tenor saxophonist, and composer has, since his major breakthrough with the ambitious triple album 'The Epic' in 2015, managed to introduce an entirely new generation of listeners to free, uncompromising jazz music. And even though it would be easy to attribute his popularity to his previous collaborations, such as his work with Kendrick Lamar on his iconic album 'To Pimp a Butterfly,' that's far from the whole truth. Washington's metaphysical, patient music is oceans away from both hip-hop and pop music. Rather, in Washington, one sees a radical innovator of the spiritual legacy left behind by figures like John Coltrane.

Despite Kamasi Washington being burdened with the expectations that come with being dubbed jazz's great savior, he continues to navigate without apparent fear, prejudice, or cynicism. 'Heaven and Earth' from 2018, the follow-up to the universally acclaimed debut, was also showered with praise and awards, and now it's time for the long-awaited third album, titled 'Fearless Movement'! So far, three songs have been shared, the latest being the transcendent collaboration with André 3000 on the track 'Dream State'.


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